How to Detect Gynecomastia or Man Boobs?
July 9, 2008 What is man boobs or gynecomastia

<<em>strong>”How to Detect Gynecomastia or Man Boobs?”

If you feel that you have enlarged breasts and worry of them, you may want to perform this simple test.

A genuine gynecomastia has the rubbery tissue extends out symmetrically from the nipple, provided the tissue is larger than 0.5mm in diameter. However, pseudogynecomastia consists of fat tissue which can be tested with thumb and forefinger without any resistance. If there is a mass located further from the nipple and have other symptoms like skin dimpling, nipple retraction or discharge, then it may be a sign of breast cancer.

Doctor will perform more thorough examinations, ie.
• Sign of liver, thyriod or kidney diseases
• Sign of hypogonadism (underdeveloped sex organs)
• Sign of feminization
• Size of testicles and any presence of nodules
• Blood test on various hormone level, ie testosterone, estrogen; serum
• Mammogram

The doctor will also query you on the following items
• Family history of gynecomastia
• Age and duration of gynecomastia
• Abusive use of drug or alcohol or steriod
• Side-effects from current prescription medications, over-the-counter medications

Once you have found out, it is due to pseudo-gynecomastia, then check the following pages for help

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