Review of Get This Off My Chest Now

Review of Get This Off My Chest Now

Trey Jones is not a doctor (was a cop investigator for 11 years) but has past history of man boobs for 32 years. He has since cured it using his well-researched method explained in his book. Nickname “Chest Guru”.

Synopsis of content
The author explained type of man boobs and which types are treatable using his method and which one required surgery,ie. genuine gynecomastia. You may want to check with your doctor on your man boobs condition whether it is genuine gynecomastia or can refer to my blog on the self-checking method.
The whole book 93 pages covers natural ways of gets rid of man boobs. He emphasized on proper eating methods, nutritious low fat diets and exercises (aerobic and weight training) to get rid of the chest fat.

Bonus Items
There are at least 19 bonus items. Below are the categories

i)Low fat diet formula
There are 2 books on Atkins and South Beach diet formulas. Also, there are few more books on low fat recipes that you can dish out by yourself so that you will not run out of choices of low fat food to eat. It also cover recipe for building up muscle for bodybuilder. The author provided some charts for easier measurement of calorie, carb, protein, etc based on the food that you eat.

ii)Exercise and body workout training
There are at least 3 good books on training for fat loss and fitness, authored by experts in body workout training and qualified Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). (These authors have authored some bestselling books on training for fat loss.) The books come with steps and photos which you can practice by yourself which is excellent for those who has never undergone training by any personal coach.

iii)Calculator (BMI, body fat percentage, amount calorie required, metabolic rate)

iv)Overcoming Shyness

v)Herbal Remedies

1)Good for people with chest fat and also want to burn their body fat
2)All natural way to get rid of man boobs, no surgery, no pills
3)Comprehensive understanding on fat diet and how to choose low fat diet and proper eating habits
4)Concise and comprehensive workout programs which will maximize the success rate of fat loss.
5)Expose to all the natural ways of get rid of man boobs before choosing surgery method
6)Cheap as you can obtain all these with less than $40 compare with plastic surgery cost (more than $5000).  The bonuses already cost $250.
7)Lifetime updates and membership

1)Not much mentioned on other causes ie. hormone imbalance and how to overcome it
2)Need to have motivation and commitment to follow through all the steps in the book.

This program is worth to try out for get rid of man boobs if it is due to chest fat.(better than Chest Coach System). Since it is 100% natural system and you are provided with 60 day money back guarantee. If after 60 days, you do not get the expected result, you can simply ask for refund and move on to surgery method.

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