Review of Chest Coach System

<<em>strong>Review of Chest Coach System

Cliff Manchaster is not a doctor but happened to have man boobs previously. He was told by his doctor that his man boobs will go away once he had reached his 20s but it never happened. Out of frustration, he was considering for surgery until he found a formula to fix the imbalance hormone problem naturally.

Synopsis of content
The author explained type of man boobs and the cause of it. It also touched on hormone imbalance. The whole book 66 pages covers natural ways of gets rid of man boobs. He emphasized on hormone balancing, proper diets, optimum eating patterns and exercises to get rid of the man boobs.

Bonus Items
Audio lessons and additional ebook.

i)Audio lessons in MP3 format
-daily affirmation exercise
-push-up exercise
-bench press exercise

ii)Lessons from Miracle Doctor
One of the topic, balancing hormone levels in the body is worth reading as imbalance hormone levels (estrogen and testosterone levels) can cause man breast. The rest of the topics are also good for reading to improve our overall health.

iii)Membership to “Chest Coach Blueprint” which guide on lose chest fat

1)All natural way to get rid of man boobs, no surgery, no pills
2)Money back guarantee
3)Concise instructions and useful strategies
4)Expose to all the natural ways of get rid of man boobs before choosing surgery method
5)Cheap as you can obtain all these with less than $40 compare with plastic surgery cost (more than $5000).
6)membership to “Chest Coach Blueprint”

1)Sales letter sound too hyped up
2)Need to have motivation and commitment to follow through all the steps in the book.


This program is worth to try out for get rid of man boobs if it is due to chest fat or hormone imbalance. Since it is 100% natural system and you are provided with 60 day money back guarantee. If after 60 days, you do not get the expected result, you can simply ask for refund and move on to surgery method.

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