Beware On These Workouts That Can Make Your Man Boobs Bigger

October 20th, 2012

As soon as you think about man boobs, you usually associate the challenge with a person whom isn’t fit.  However there are workout sessions which can render man boobs overall look bigger when you re making the transition.

You may think that since shortly since you begin an exercise school the man boobs will decrease in girth and length.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t always take place the way you want.  Because you’ll see this can be a difficult issue.

Most frequently men turn to work out whenever their man boobs are really brought by being over weight.  However, some individuals have a disorder called gynecomastia and is a hormonal issue that triggers unwanted male chest muscle.

Right before you will work diminish man boobs, you might want to get examined by the doctor to be sure you don’t possess a hormone imbalance.  Once thats ruled away, it’s time to utilize diet and exercise to lose the boobs.

However you might become frustrated to obtain out to t actually place train the body to get rid of fat from a particular area.  As soon as you start to lose weight, you may not waste it from your chest.  As well as as you carry out upper torso exercises, you may in fact feel like the man boobs are becoming bigger.

That is due to the fact the chest muscle is getting bigger, however the fat isn’t going away but.  The most important thing to remember whenever this occurs is that you need to be patient.  At some point the fat will melt away, however it can take time.

And also building muscle tissue underneath the fat, while it would likely render the man boobs overall look bigger temporarily, will eventually help you to lose weight as well as possess a manlier upper body.  Top torso exercise are really to not be prevented, but you should simply prepare for a transition time.

When you re working out to get rid of the man boobs, you don’t just need to focus upon chest workout sessions.  You need to feature a balanced body, and so it s important to focus on the entire body.  Don’t forget about your abdomen, back, arms, and also legs.  Your workout sessions will contribute to losing fat.

Man boobs can be embarrassing and also cause you to feel very self-conscious.  It could become more difficult whenever you re working hard however you cannot appear to eliminate them swiftly.  However take heart and understand which your efforts will at some point repay.

Your workouts can be which makes your man boobs look bigger right now, however that is not because they re getting increased fat.  In truth, the muscle underneath shall help you to get a manlier upper body once you lose the rest of the fat.


Best Way To Lose Chest Fat For Men – The Forgotten Secrets

September 30th, 2012

Are you searching for the best way to lose chest fat for men? Do not feel embarrass if you have chest fat as it is quite common for men to have it since chest is the second most common area in our body to hold fat. If you are obese, it is right time to lose fat, particularly chest fat as having it pose risk for your health.

best way to lose chest fat for men
Before you start to lose chest fat, you want to measure your current body fat first. One quick and easy way is to check your body mass index or BMI by simply take your weight (in kilograms) and divide it by your height (in metres) squared.

BMI = weight (kg)
height (m) X height (m)

BMI scale
18.5 – 24.9 Normal
25.0 – 29.9 Overweight Increased High
30.0 – 34.9 Obese High Very High
35.0 – 39.9 Obese Very High Very High
40 or greater Extremely Obese Extremely High Extremely High

One tool that I found useful in measuring body fat is this amazing handheld body fat analyzer.
Click the following to find out more.

>>> Body Fat Analyzer <<<

Once you have measured, you can start to use these secrets but remember to regularly measure your body fat after perform any activities or exercises.

However, for effective results you may want to combine some of these steps instead of just using one of the steps.

1. Exercises To Lose Chest Fat
One of the basic requirement in lose fat is to perform exercises. Cardio exercises like running, cycling and swimming are excellent in losing fat for the whole body. This is due to the exercises increases the heart beat and subsequently increase metabolism and burn more calories in our body. Bear in mind, you cannot work on exercise targeting on your chest only as spot reduction is not working.

Next, you need to work on resistance exercise like weight-training. This will help to build muscle more proportionately and increase your body metabolism.

Bench presses and push-ups are additional exercises that you should include them in your daily workout routines. You can vary your hand placement from narrower than shoulder width till wider than shoulder width in order to have variation of workouts. You can also consider for standing push-ups if you find regular push-ups are too difficult for you in the beginning.

2.Diet Tips
Right diet plays important role in losing fat. You need to cut back on high-calorie and high-starch foods but replace them with fruits and vegetables. Below are some diet tips that can help to get rid of chest fat.
i) do not starve your body as this will slow down your metabolism
ii)  change to a smaller meal size but eat more regularly, at least 6 times
iii) drink at least 6 glasses of water daily as you need water to flush out any impurities arises from fat metabolism. You should drink water before, during and after every workout.

Never expect your chest fat can be get rid of overnight as fat loss takes time. Remember, to alternate your workouts regularly to avoid burn out. If you never perform any exercises before, you may want to check with your doctor first on the right workout approach in order to avoid any injuries. If you want easier and faster way to burn off your chest fat, read the following reviews of this product.

“Before I tried this natural fat burning supplement, I had a big gut & a flabby chest. My friends use to joke around and tell me that I needed a bra. Now I’m ripped and feel great.”

“Now, after using this natural fat burning supplement, I finally burned off the fat & I have the hard body I always wanted. Thanks for this awesome product.”

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How to Hide Man Boobs Quickly and Boost Up Your Self-Esteem Now

August 2nd, 2012

Are you afraid to attend a party tonight simply because you do not know how to hide man boobs or gynecomastia? Getting rid of man boobs is everyone dreams or ultimate goals but you need to allocate time whether to go for surgery or losing fat methods. If you need to improve your body appearance fast, hide your man breasts is your best ways or choices.

In order to achieve your objective, you need to learn how to choose the right clothes to hide moobs successfully. Below are the effective tips you can use immediately to boost up your confidence level and at least one of tips is guaranteed to sculpt your body virtually overnight.


Always remember to test any clothes that you intend to buy to ensure it can conceal your boobs. Remember, there is no definite size that can achieve your objective.

2)Printed shirts
It is important to wear printed shirts particularly on chest area as it can help to detract from the shape of your chest from been too obvious.

3)Pockets over the chest
Try to get shirts with pockets over the chest as they are good in detraction of your boobs.

4)Vertical stripes
If you know the tricks of illusion, you can implement your knowledge in your clothing too. When you wear your tops and shirts with vertical stripes, people tends to follow the stripe downwards and consequently judge you as a slim person.

5) Sleeve shirts
Forget your favorite short sleeve high neck t-shirt as it will highlight your chest area. Try to wear long sleeved button up shirts as they looks more baggy on your pectoral area.

6)Vertical layers.
Learn to add more vertical stuffs on your clothing like a jacket or a shirt with zip as this zip add illusion of you been slim.

Choose darker colors like deep browns, dark grays, blacks, and even dark colored blues for better camouflage as it tends to make you look thinner and your chest less puffy. It is also does not reveal so much of your body shape when you are sweating.

Shirts with buttons on the chest area will stress more on your boobs. Therefore, stay away from these. However, button up long sleeved shirts are better option since these kinds of shirts are tailored to being able to move they are usually baggy on the pectoral region.

If you have puffy nipples only, you can simply strap a bandage over them to the side of your pecs and they will look absolutely normal when wearing t-shirts.

9)Loose clothing
When you wear loose clothing, they do not show up your chest area. Sweaters are the perfect concealer. This is what you should wear during winter season. Alternatively, you can wear an open shirt over other clothes which can help to cover up your chest.

10)Thicker material
In summer, try to wear thicker fabric like fannel instead of light or thinner fabric even though it is challenging to wear them during hot weather. Examples, Polo’s and sweatshirts do stick to your body, which made you more comfortable and do not reveal your boobs. Alternatively, you can look for stiffer clothes which can flatten your chest area and you will look slimmer with strong pectoral muscle.

11)Support garments
This is the most important tips and could be your life saver. You should wear compression vests underneath your shirts which will effectively flatten your chest and make you look more muscular. Your garment should be comfortable not so tight that make you feels constrictive. It also helps to minimize bouncing and stabilize tissue while performing losing weight activities.

When you decide to buy compression vests, make sure they have the following features in order to obtain the best benefits out of it
-18 and 22 mmHg (mercury milligrams of pressure)
-microfiber or nylon spandex material
-moisture wicking technology
-SPF 50 rating for UV protection
-can bind your chest, flatten your belly and pressing against your back in support
-always get 2-3 sizes smaller than your current size
-maximum breathability
-invisible under clothing

If you still doubt of the effectiveness of this compression vest, read the following customers’ reviews
i) This compression vest able to hold in the extra skin from weight loss and distribute the leftover fat on my chest to look more natural. I can wear smaller shirts now
ii) My chest is usually HUGE, wearing this, it almost completely VANISHES. I’d say it gave the illusion of reducing my unwanted excess chest mass by about 75%.
iii) Now, I do not have to wear baggy t-shirts and heavy clothing to cover up
iv) I can turn C-cups into a flat chest
v) It feels like a second skin and as opposed to hot, nasty cotton.

However, there are some disadvantages that you have to take note
i) It felt like it could get hot should the weather be warm during summer
ii) It can roll up on you but by tucking it into your pants, it helps to stop this.
iii) You have to wash it often as it can cause sweating after a few hours of wearing it
iv) Cannot be machine washed
vi) Do not wear this when performing any gym activities like squatting or bending down as it does ride up

However, the benefits of having compression vest are much more than the disadvantages. Therefore, you should really consider of getting one for yourself. Click the following link to see for yourself.

Best Compression Vest to hide moobshow to hide man boobs

All the above tips are simply temporary measure, as you need to find ways to get rid of man boobs permanently. If your moobs are due to excessive glandular tissue, surgery always is the best choice. Otherwise, click the following link to find natural ways to lose man boobs today and you do not need to hide man breasts any more.

<<  Best natural treatment for man boobs >>


How much does gynecomastia surgery cost today?

June 14th, 2012

More than 20,000 people in United States have asked “how much does gynecomastia surgery cost” last year and have successfully undergone the procedure. Well, this is normal as every surgery is very costly and not many people can afford to pay from their own pocket. Here, we will explore types of surgery and all costs incurred from pre-surgery, post-surgery and any hidden costs that you may not have thought off.

Do not forget to check on tips on top surgeons in your region and their competitive costs.

There are many factors affecting the male breast reduction cost. Below are the main aspects that you need to consider

i)condition of the problem,
Is it a new surgery or revision surgery with bad scar from previous surgeon?

ii)how to fix it
This is depending on the size of the breasts. Below are some common techniques been use
a. Periaureolar (for mild to moderate size of breasts) – Cut around the nipple
b. Classical breast reduction (for larger-sized breasts) – with larger cut and inverted scar
c. Vertical breast reduction (for very large breasts) – with larger cut and vertical scar

iii)location of the surgeons and facilities
There is big gap of surgeon and facilities fees between big cities and less populated cities. Likewise, different regions or continents can play an important factor in the pricing. Example, you can expect cheaper surgery cost when perform it in Asia region.

iv)clinic or hospital
It is much cheaper if the procedure is done in a private clinic compare with private hospital. However, if the hospital is supported by the government, then the cost will be much lower.
Some time cheap surgery offered by clinics can cause major disasters. Generally, you will feel more confident when it is performed in an established hospital as most of the time they are better equipped and can give a faster response for any untoward eventuality.

v) expertise
Highly experienced surgeons may ask for higher surgeon fees.

Types of surgery

1.    Liposuction
This method is best used for removing extra fat from the chest, particularly for pseudo-gynecomastia (man boobs) case. This kind of man boobs surgery cost is much cheaper, within the range of $3000 till $6000 but again, it is depending on the location of the surgery is been performed.

how much is gynecomastia surgery cost_liposuction

2.    Excision
Excision is necessary for true gynecomastia, as the doctor need to remove off excessive glandular tissues. The cost is much higher as this required more cut and more risk.

3.    Combination of liposuction and excision
If you are overweight gynecomastia patient with excessive fat, combination of liposuction and excision are the best approach to go for. Below are result from the above procedure.

Pre-surgery cost
1.    Surgeons fee is amount charged by the surgeon for performing the surgery.
2.    Facility fee is the charge for using the hospital operation theatre or outpatient surgical center for the surgery.
3.    Anesthesia fee which includes general anesthesia used throughout the procedure, about $2,000.

Post-surgery cost
The following are the costs you have to bear during your recovery stage after your surgery.
1.    Scarring cost
You may have heard some awfulness stories that some patients have bad scars after the surgery which are not reversible. However, this could be avoided if the patients have been careful in screening through the past records of the surgeon to minimize this mistake. Otherwise, you may just have normal scar but want to get some scar reduction cream to conceal the scar from public if your job requires you to expose your chests to the public.

2.    Recurrence cost
No surgeons can guarantee permanent result as in cases there are relapse due to hormone imbalance or unhealthy lifestyle. You may need another surgery.

3.    Recovery period cost
It is estimated your surgery wound needs 4 to 8 weeks to recover. During this period of time, you are not allowed to do any heavy lifting and exercise. If your job requires you to do these activities, you have to stop working or temporarily ask for other jobs. Here, you have to factor in this hidden cost in your cost estimation.

4.    Additional medicines costs
In some rare cases, patients may get infection. This requires additional medicines like antibiotics or painkillers.

5.    Compression garments
Compression garments are compulsory to wear after the surgery as they help to support your new chests and for faster healing of your wound.

6.    Revision
In some cases of gynecomastia surgery, revision (liposuction and excision) is required as imbalance of the chest sizes (asymmetry) ie. one of the chests is not flat enough.

If you are short of money for surgery, you may want to look for alternative funding for it. Below are some options that you can consider for
1.    NHS
If you are looking for your NHS for help, click gynecomastia surgery nhs for more details of help.

2.    Insurance
Most insurance companies do not cover for this kind of surgery as it is classified as cosmetic surgery. However, you should try to apply it by getting your doctor to prove your case is a necessity and not cosmetic surgery to your insurance company. Alternatively, you can consult a psychiatric to help prove that your boobs have cause immerse depression in your life. May be you have lady luck to get your application approved.

3.    Financing
Some clinics in UK offer loan facilities for some qualified patients through “buy now pay later” scheme. The amount of loans range from GBP2000 till GBP5000.

Gynecomastia surgery prices by location

1.    USA
In United States, average cost of gyno surgery done by a board certified plastic surgeon is over $5000. Surgeon’s fee alone cost more than $3,400 according to the according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

In big cities, such as New York, Washington, Los Angeles, you can expect a higher cost for this kind of procedure. Lower fees are expected in cities, like Dallas, Houstan, San Diego. Experienced top surgeons as listed below can charge even higher fees.

New York
Dr. Mordcai Blau – $7,600
Dr. Elliot Jacobs – $7,000

Dr. Don Fontana – $8,000

Dr. Miguel Delgado – $8,000

Dr. Wilcox (experiences : more than 120 procedures/year) – $5,000

Dr. Wilberto Cortes – $4000

2.    UK
If you are going to perform this surgery in UK, the cost starts from GBP 4,000. Liposuction is priced at GBP4500 upwards while excision is priced at GBP5400 upwards. (Example of top surgeon in England, Dr. Karidis, charges GBP 4300 upwards)

3.    Canada
One advantage of Canadians is their provincial healthcare covers the cost of excision (from hospital surgery room cost, anesthesiologist, nurses, bed till medicines cost) except in Quebec province. However, there is no coverage for using liposuction method as it is treated as cosmetic procedure.
You can expect gyno surgery cost from $1000 till $7000. (Example of top plastic surgeons, Dr.Fielding and Dr.Lista. You can judge by yourself their experiences as they perform 100 to 150 gyno surgeries annually.
Tips : It is cheaper with Dr Fielding as he performs the surgery in a hospital covered by provincial healthcare while Dr Lista performed it as his private clinic costs more than $5000)

4.    Australia
It is also not cheap to perform this kind of surgery in Australia, at least AUD5,000 which includes surgeon fee, assistant surgeons fee, anaesthetist fee, hospital, operating theatre and subsequent follow up visits cost. If the hospital does receive any subsidies from any private fund, you may need to fork out additional AUD 3,000.
Tips : Check with your medicare or health insurance agents for some refund of your payment. Always look for surgeons who are members of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons in order to ensure quality results.

5.    India
Normally, price of gynecomastia surgery in Asian countriesis much lower such as in India, the cost of this procedure starts from USD 1700 but it is still depending on the hospital or clinic and the city you select to get the procedure done.
Example, a procedure done in Mumbai will cost you as below
a)    Medical tests. USD45
b)    Compression vest USD45
c)    Hospital cost including doctors fees USD550 till USD1000.
d)    5 day medicine package.USD20.

6.    Czech Republic
Currently, there is a trend to get the surgery done in Czech Republic as it is much cheaper, as lower as GBP1,709

For every surgery, there are risks involved, particularly in bleeding and infection. Always look for experienced surgeons in performing gynecomastia surgery as this kind of surgery requires consistent and careful techniques to perform. You do not want to go for cheaper surgery but end up with unbalanced chest or the surgeon may remove too much or too little. If you are risk adverse persons, still worrying on “how much does gynecomastia surgery cost” or simply want to look for alternative solution, click the following link to find out.


Gynecomastia NHS Helpful Tips

March 30th, 2012

Gynecomastia NHS

Gynecomastia surgery on NHS or gynecomastia nhs is what most gynecomastia patients would like have when the cost of surgery is a burden to them. Majority of patients would like to choose surgery as it is the fastest and most effective solution to their most embarrassing problem. However, the final call is still up to your doctor or GP as he/she may want to try with weight loss or medication to adjust the hormone level first.

gynecomastia nhs

gynecomastia nhs

In true gynecomastia, breast enlargement is caused by excessive of glandular tissue. However, there is so called pseudogynecomastia, which is due to fat accumulation at the breasts. It is also possible to have mixed gynecomastia, with excessive glandular tissue and fat deposit.

There are 2 main possible causes of gynecomastia.
1. Physiologic gynecomastia
Happened due to hormonal change (increased ratio of hormone estrogen/androgen) in pubertal or senior adults.

2. Pathological gynecomastia
Imbalance of hormone estrogen/androgen due to diseases related to tumors, chronic disease, chromosomal abnormalities, familial disorders and others.

Man breast reduction surgery involves removing the abnormal breast tissue and surrounding tissue so that the breast can has a more normal man breast look. Some of the patients may be required to remove fat tissue and skin reduction in order to return the breast to normal shape.

Normally, Gynecomastia NHS UK will not fund for male breasts reduction surgery as they always treat this kind of surgery as aesthetic. However, if you can prove that your request for this surgery is for medical reason, you might be able to get your fund application approved.

Below are some of the minimum criteria that you must meet before applying for the fund

Gynecomastia NHS application tips

1. Has reached post pubertal
2. Has consistently maintained a normal BMI (between 18.5 and 24.9 kg/m2) for minimum period of two years
3. Not taking any prescription drugs or sport performance-enhancing drugs that can induce gynecomastia. It is possible for anti-ulcer drugs or medication for heart disease to cause man boobs. Sport performance-enhancing drugs like anabolic steroids and illegal drugs like cannabis can cause moobs too.
4. No physical underlying problems (non-pathological gynecomastia) like breast cancer, testicular cancer, kidney failure, endocrine or liver disorders
5. There are psychological issues with image
6. Significant reduction of breasts is required (greater than 100g per side) or having asymmetry size
7. Supporting documents from a NHS consultant plastic surgeon and psychiatrist to request for funding as you want to prove it to NHS that your mental health has been severely affected by your man breasts condition.

Take note, applicant should do necessary screening for any endocrinological, cancer and drug related causes or psychological distress occurs prior to consultation with a plastic surgeon. One drawback of applying for male breasts reduction under NHS program is it may take years as they will put you under waiting list. The common treatment plan under NHS funding program (if it is approved) is liposuction.

Gynecomastia NHS alternatives

You can always look for other treatments if your gynecomastia NHS UK application is declined. Click the following link to find out more.

<< Alternative to gynecomastic NHS >>

For more information on how to get rid of man boobs, click here

<< Lose Man Boobs Tips >>

How to get rid of man breasts for teenagers or kids naturally at home

October 8th, 2011

How to get rid of man breasts for teenagers?

Teenagers are often concern on breast enlargement as this affects their body image and sense of insecurity but this phenomenon is common among boys (about 30%) during puberty period. They will feel tender or pain with their nipples. However, the good news is majority of them will disappear on their own, average 6 till 12 months.

Can these kids live and adapt with these man breasts during their puberty period?
Kids with man breasts are prone to emotional and psychological issues especially when they try to mix with other normal boys. They will try avoiding public swimming or beaches as they afraid to take off their shirts.

Let us look into a research done in this. The researchers had categorized teenagers with man breasts into 4 groups.

Group         Group Category
A                    Have some symptoms of breasts but not obvious and not overweight
B                     Breasts continue to enlarge and are obvious
C                     With breast and overweight
D                     With breast like and muscles

In group A, doctors will advise them to wait and provide no treatment. Only about a quarter of them are worries on carrying these boobs but do not change their daily activities. Since their busts are not obvious, no pressure from their peers.

Group B received a lot of pressure from the society on their body image. When you hear such jeering, “Go to the girl’s gym”, “Don’t you want to wear bra?”, you will know how intense is the pressure. This caused them to withdraw from the society, including their parents and closed family members. Some may even thought of committing suicide.

Kids in group C were briefed on their obesity, thus required them to reduce weigh. They were quite relaxed and obeyed to change of lifestyle in order to reduce their weigh.

Similarly, teenagers in group D had no anxiety since they were looked more masculine with plenty of muscle. After been advised the cause of breasts were due to excessive exercise, they abide to reduce workouts activities.

What are the causes of man boobs?
1) Imbalance of sex hormones
In early stages of puberty, the ratio of estrogen hormone to androgen hormone is fairly high which caused temporary swelling of tissue around nipples or man boobs. They disappear on their own in a few years at most once hormones stabilize into adulthood. However, if the hormonal imbalance continues, it will create glandular tissue on your chest. There is no solution for glandular tissue, except surgery.

how to get rid of man breasts for teenagers

2) Klinefelter’s syndrome
If the breast enlargement does not go away after some time, it could be due to this genetic disorder called Klinefelter’s syndrome. These kids with Klinefelter’s syndrome have an extra sex chromosome, XXY instead of the usual kids’ arrangement, XY. The probably of getting this syndrome is 1 in 1,000 male births. Click Klinefelter’s syndrome for more info.

3) Overweight
If you are overweight, male breasts could be resulted from fat deposit or pseudogynecomastia. Click here to learn more on how to detect pseudogynecomastia.  Concentrate on losing weight by practicing regular exercise and low fat diet can eventually lose you man boobs.

Liver problem or cirrhosis can cause man boobs as it cannot help the body to metabolize estrogen effectively. This will cause high level of estrogen hormone in blood stream.

5) Steriod
These days, you can see a lot of teenagers involve in muscle building or bodybuilding. Some of them want to get faster result, have resorted for steroid. It leaves side-effect of gynecomastia.

Certain medication like anti-depressants can cause man boobs. Abusive use of drugs like heroin, marijuana can also leads to man breasts.

7) Tumors
Testicular tumors can lead to increased blood estrogen levels. This excess of hormone estrogen will cause of imbalance of hormone which eventually leads to man breasts.

How to get rid of man breasts for teenagers?

Before you can start work on these get rid of man boobs remedies, you need to ensure that your man breasts are not caused by any underlying medical conditions. Thus, you need to check with your doctor first to know the root cause of your problem.

Chest exercises for man boobs

1. Exercises or workouts
Exercise is always the best and natural approach. It also can help to improve your hormonal balance. You need combination of both cardio (track) and weight (strength training) in order to get optimum result. Get your heart rate up for 30 minutes every day.

Below are some of the best exercises (particularly upper chest exercises) that will help to get rid of them.

a)Chest flys
Firstly, select a dumbbell comfortable weight. Then, lie down on a bench with a dumbbell in each hand; slowly move the dumbbells together till they touch each other. You have to do this in 3 sets of 8.

b)Push-ups with dumbbells
Continuation from part a) do your push-ups. This exercise will be isolating the chest muscles and can be done in 3 sets of 8.

dumbbell pushup

c)Incline bench press

d)military press

e)bicept curls

Some of these cardio workouts like jogging, bicycling, brisk walk, swimming can help to lose man boobs. If you want more serious training, go for 20 minutes of high intensity interval training (sprint one minute, walk or jog three minutes, repeat). Do this routine 2-3 times per week only.

2) Change your diet
You should stop eating fatty foods. Eat more vegetables and lean protein like egg whites, chicken, salmon. Cut out carbs and desserts and all that crap. Consider taking fish oil for super healthy fats. Also reduce intake of foods which contain high phytoestrogen. Below is a list of food with high phytoestrogen contents.

3) Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)
If the teenager’s man breast is caused by genetic disorder such as Klinefelter syndrome, then he may be subjected to testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) by his doctor. This kind treatment could be in injections, gels and scrotal cream form. The doctor will monitor his gonadotropin hormone levels during the treatment period. (Klinefelter syndrome causes pituitary glands to produce too much of the gonadotropin)

4)Breast binder
Using breast binder or vest to flatten the kid’s breast is good idea while waiting for the body to response to any treatment. This can help to reduce any emotional and psychological problem faced by the kid.

Surgery should be the last resort if the body does not response to any of the above mentioned remedies or treatment. Usually, doctor will not consider teenager for surgery (mastectomy) until he has finished puberty. This is the reason.

“The AMA discourages the promotion of cosmetic surgery, being particularly mindful that advertising and other promotions which appeal to youth encourages people to consider cosmetic surgery as an easy solution to personal issues including body image dissatisfaction.” – Australian  Medical Association, Body Image and Health, 2002.

The objective of the surgery is to remove off the glandular tissue from the breast. If there is excessive fat, liposuction method will be used. You may have to undergo skin removal if the breast is too large.

In addition to the above mentioned remedies or treatments, these teenagers must be supplement psychotherapy and group counseling to boost up their self-esteem level. As a parent, it is normal to worry and should consistently find ways on how to get rid of man breasts for teenagers. Click here man boobs help.

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Gynecomastia caused by HIV treatment

December 9th, 2010

Gynecomastia can be caused by HIV treatment therapy. Adult HIV patients are commonly been treated with Highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART), a therapy which can dramatically extended survival in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) seropositive patients. However, HAART treatment is associated with various side effects ie. gynecomastia with glandular tissue. Some of them developed into pseudogynecomastia due to fat accumulation at chest area.

Statistic showed gynecomastia in male HIV patients treated with HAART was 0.8/100 patients/year, with a prevalence of 2.8% in those treated longer than two years (9).

Gynecomastia may also be related to a higher frequency of exposure of the HIV population to other agents that may cause gynecomastia, including antifungals, antituberculous drugs, and tricyclic antidepressants (15) in addition to drugs used for treatment of liver and renal diseases.

Research has shown some success of reversing patients with gynecomastia due to HAART treatment. These patients had been applied with local application of DHT gel on their breast. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT; Andractim [Besins-Iscovesco]) is a natural metabolite of testosterone that has antiestrogen activity and cannot be converted into estradiol at the tissue level. Most cases reported the gynecomastia after the DHT treatment or slightly regressed. The study was based on local application of DHT gel, 5 g/day given once daily for 1–3

Click here for the Successful DHT treatment for HAART-induced gynecomastia patients report.

For more information on Andractim

Andractim Gynecomastia

Conclusion, the long-lasting use of antiretroviral drugs for HIV treatment is implicated as the precipitating cause for the development of gynecomastia.

How to get rid of your man boobs by boost up your testosterone level

August 18th, 2010

<em>We all know that one of the causes of man boobs is hormone imbalance, ie. hormone testosterone level is lower than hormone estrogen level. Moreover, low testosterone level can cause build up of fat in your body. Research from the University of Washington has shown a relationship between low testosterone levels and abdominal fat (1). Therefore, we must work on how we can boost up the hormone testosterone in our body. Below are some tips to help you to achieve your goal in reduce your man boobs naturally.

1.    Eat more almonds as it has monounsaturated fat which is good for our body
2.    Perform more weight trainings as these help to increase your testosterone level
3.    Reduce your stress level. Stress will cause your body release of hormone cortisol to your blood stream which will suppress your testosterone level. Cortisol is catabolic or muscle wasting hormone, while testosterone is anabolic or muscle building hormone.
4.    Include garlic in your diet or take garlic in capsule form. Garlic has alicin, one of the organic compound which is useful for boost up the testosterone and reduce body fat.
5.    Stop taking alcohol as it can reduce your testosterone level. Alcohol will raise levels of the muscle-wasting hormone cortisol and increases the breakdown of testosterone.
6.    Reduce your body fat if you are overweight as an overweight person can have lower testosterone level compare with normal weight person. However, interestingly, research has shown extreme low body fat can also reduce your testosterone level (2). Therefore, when you want to reduce your body fat, keep it at an optimum level, ie. 10 – 15%.

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7.    Eat sensibly and with sufficient calorie for your need or lifestyle. This information is particularly important for those who are trying to lose weight by reducing their calorie intake as too low of calories can cause low testosterone level according to a research done (3).
8.    Eat food which contains moderate-fat (one-third of your diet) with majority of the fat coming from monounsaturated fat. Your body uses fat from your diet to build hormone testosterone.
9.    Avoid protein powders and meal replacement supplements which contain soy protein as some researches shown it will reduce your testosterone level
10.    Choose types of exercise and workout moderately but not overdo it. Research shown endurance-trained men have lower testosterone levels than men who never exercise (4).
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1.    Tsai, E.C., Boyko, E.J., Leonetti, D.L., & Fujimoto, W.Y. (2000). Low serum testosterone level as a predictor of increased visceral fat in Japanese-American men. International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders, 24, 485-491
2.    Strauss, R.H., Lanese, R.R., & Malarkey, W.B. (1985). Weight loss in amateur wrestlers and its effect on serum testosterone levels. Journal of the American Medical Association, 254, 3337-3338
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4.    Hackney, A.C., Szczepanowska, E., & Viru, A.M. (2003). Basal testicular testosterone production in endurance-trained men is suppressed. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 89, 198-201

How Zinc Can Help In Man Breast Reduction?

June 10th, 2010

<<em>strong>How Zinc Can Help In Man Breast Reduction?

You don’t know it yet but, at the end of this page, you will have learned how zinc mineral can help you in reducing man breast or man boobs.

Zinc is compulsory to maintain balance of hormone testosterone in our body. It is required by pituitary gland to releasing luteinizing and follicle stimulating hormones, which stimulate production of testosterone and it also inhibits the aromatase enzyme from converting  testosterone into estrogen. Any imbalance of hormone, ie. more estrogen will cause more fat cells, which eventually caused man boobs!

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This is supported by the research done by Ae-Son Om and Kyung-Won Chung, Department of Anatomical Sciences in the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, published in the April 1996 Journal of Nutrition, 126[4]: 842-848, article entitled “Dietary Zinc Deficiency Alters 5 Alpha-Reduction and Aromatization of Testosterone and Androgen and Estrogen in Rat Liver.”.

They used three group of rats, ie. a group fed a zinc-deficient diet, a group fed a controlled but adequate diet of zinc, and a freely fed group. After keeping them on these diets for a long enough time to alter their plasma zinc levels, the scientists measured their testosterone and estrogen levels and measured and counted their androgen and estrogen receptor sites. Within the zinc deficient rats, the number of androgen receptor sites had been reduced in number by 40%. but the estrogen receptor sites had been increased by 60%. The liver’s conversion of testosterone to estrogen was significantly greater in the rats on the zinc deficient diet. The same rats that had the decrease in androgen receptor sites showed significantly reduced amounts of lutinizing hormone and testosterone concentrations.

Conclusion, zinc-deficient diet will increase the aromatization of testosterone and the formation of estradiol, the primary estrogen hormone. Also, if some of the testosterone has nowhere to bind, it will continue to circulate in the blood, lastly being aromatized in the liver and producing estrogen. Eventually, it will develop man boobs or gynecomastia if we do not control the production of estrogen fast enough !

Another bonus to you, you also can test yourself your zinc level using Lancet test developed in 1980. Create a test solution, dissolve 0.1 percent zinc sulfate (supplement from pharmacy) in a base of distilled water. You should refrain from eating, drinking or smoking for at least an hour before the test, then place about a teaspoon of the solution in your mouth and swish it around for 10 seconds. If it tastes unpleasant or metallic, your level of zinc is probably adequate. However, if the solution tastes like water, you may be receiving less zinc than you need.

Therefore, if your have zinc dificiency due to your diet or your lifestyle which cause of reduction of zinc, ie. intake of steriod, alcohol, other medicine, you need to think of taking zinc supplement.
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Warning: You may have Man Boobs gene!

June 9th, 2010

<<em>strong>You may have Man Boobs gene!

Do you know that your gene may cause your man boobs problem? This problem was discovered by researchers in 1950s, that male who has an extra sex chromosome X normally will developed man boobs. If you interested to know more how this extra chromosome X causes man boobs, then just keep reading on the following paragraphs

Normal male has chromosome XY but for this special case (also known as Klinefelter syndrome) has chromosome XXY. No one knows exactly the cause of this problem. Statistic shows higher chances of getting XXY chromosome if the parents are in advanced age and fifty percent of chances the extra chromosome comes from the father. The frequency of getting XXY chromosome for all newborn male babies is 1 in 1000.

The symptoms
Not all who has XXY chromosome develop these symptoms but below are the list

-delayed in learning to talk
-difficulty in reading and writing
-may suffer ear infection

-frontal head baldness
-poor beard growth
-tendency to grow fewer chest hair
-narrow shoulders
-breast development. One third of males with XXY chromosome will start to have enlarged breast (man boobs) during their puberty.
-female-type pubic hair pattern
-wide hips
-smaller testicular which caused low of testosterone hormone.
-prone to osteoporosis in later life

klinefelter syndrome
For adult or adolescent, doctor will normally perform fertility test i.e. measure increase of hormone gonadotropins. For pregnant mother who want prenatal diagnosis on XXY chromosome, your can get doctor to conduct amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling (CVS). It is always better to detect it early, as we can plan for the child to go through normal life with treatment from doctor and also to avoid develop into gynecomastia.

It is advisable to seek help from endocrinologist, doctor who is specialize in hormone interaction. The doctor most likely will advise to provide testosterone treatment during their puberty which can help to build more muscle and strength. Of course, it will indirectly reduce the effect of man boobs due to lack of testosterone hormone in his body. This treatment is also important to prevent breast cancer as enlarged male breast has the same possibility of getting cancer as female breast. It is also important in developing his sexuality to the normal man level and avoids gynecomastia

Now that you’re at the end of this article and you have learned on one possible cause of man boobs. If you are low in testosterone hormone, you can find out on ways to boost up your testosterone level by click the following link.

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