How Zinc Can Help In Man Breast Reduction?
June 10, 2010 Natural treatment of gynecomastia

<<em>strong>How Zinc Can Help In Man Breast Reduction?

You don’t know it yet but, at the end of this page, you will have learned how zinc mineral can help you in reducing man breast or man boobs.

Zinc is compulsory to maintain balance of hormone testosterone in our body. It is required by pituitary gland to releasing luteinizing and follicle stimulating hormones, which stimulate production of testosterone and it also inhibits the aromatase enzyme from convertingĀ  testosterone into estrogen. Any imbalance of hormone, ie. more estrogen will cause more fat cells, which eventually caused man boobs!

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This is supported by the research done by Ae-Son Om and Kyung-Won Chung, Department of Anatomical Sciences in the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, published in the April 1996 Journal of Nutrition, 126[4]: 842-848, article entitled “Dietary Zinc Deficiency Alters 5 Alpha-Reduction and Aromatization of Testosterone and Androgen and Estrogen in Rat Liver.”.

They used three group of rats, ie. a group fed a zinc-deficient diet, a group fed a controlled but adequate diet of zinc, and a freely fed group. After keeping them on these diets for a long enough time to alter their plasma zinc levels, the scientists measured their testosterone and estrogen levels and measured and counted their androgen and estrogen receptor sites. Within the zinc deficient rats, the number of androgen receptor sites had been reduced in number by 40%. but the estrogen receptor sites had been increased by 60%. The liver’s conversion of testosterone to estrogen was significantly greater in the rats on the zinc deficient diet. The same rats that had the decrease in androgen receptor sites showed significantly reduced amounts of lutinizing hormone and testosterone concentrations.

Conclusion, zinc-deficient diet will increase the aromatization of testosterone and the formation of estradiol, the primary estrogen hormone. Also, if some of the testosterone has nowhere to bind, it will continue to circulate in the blood, lastly being aromatized in the liver and producing estrogen. Eventually, it will develop man boobs or gynecomastia if we do not control the production of estrogen fast enough !

Another bonus to you, you also can test yourself your zinc level using Lancet test developed in 1980. Create a test solution, dissolve 0.1 percent zinc sulfate (supplement from pharmacy) in a base of distilled water. You should refrain from eating, drinking or smoking for at least an hour before the test, then place about a teaspoon of the solution in your mouth and swish it around for 10 seconds. If it tastes unpleasant or metallic, your level of zinc is probably adequate. However, if the solution tastes like water, you may be receiving less zinc than you need.

Therefore, if your have zinc dificiency due to your diet or your lifestyle which cause of reduction of zinc, ie. intake of steriod, alcohol, other medicine, you need to think of taking zinc supplement.
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