How to get rid of your man boobs by boost up your testosterone level
August 18, 2010 Natural treatment of gynecomastia

<em>We all know that one of the causes of man boobs is hormone imbalance, ie. hormone testosterone level is lower than hormone estrogen level. Moreover, low testosterone level can cause build up of fat in your body. Research from the University of Washington has shown a relationship between low testosterone levels and abdominal fat (1). Therefore, we must work on how we can boost up the hormone testosterone in our body. Below are some tips to help you to achieve your goal in reduce your man boobs naturally.

1.    Eat more almonds as it has monounsaturated fat which is good for our body
2.    Perform more weight trainings as these help to increase your testosterone level
3.    Reduce your stress level. Stress will cause your body release of hormone cortisol to your blood stream which will suppress your testosterone level. Cortisol is catabolic or muscle wasting hormone, while testosterone is anabolic or muscle building hormone.
4.    Include garlic in your diet or take garlic in capsule form. Garlic has alicin, one of the organic compound which is useful for boost up the testosterone and reduce body fat.
5.    Stop taking alcohol as it can reduce your testosterone level. Alcohol will raise levels of the muscle-wasting hormone cortisol and increases the breakdown of testosterone.
6.    Reduce your body fat if you are overweight as an overweight person can have lower testosterone level compare with normal weight person. However, interestingly, research has shown extreme low body fat can also reduce your testosterone level (2). Therefore, when you want to reduce your body fat, keep it at an optimum level, ie. 10 – 15%.

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7.    Eat sensibly and with sufficient calorie for your need or lifestyle. This information is particularly important for those who are trying to lose weight by reducing their calorie intake as too low of calories can cause low testosterone level according to a research done (3).
8.    Eat food which contains moderate-fat (one-third of your diet) with majority of the fat coming from monounsaturated fat. Your body uses fat from your diet to build hormone testosterone.
9.    Avoid protein powders and meal replacement supplements which contain soy protein as some researches shown it will reduce your testosterone level
10.    Choose types of exercise and workout moderately but not overdo it. Research shown endurance-trained men have lower testosterone levels than men who never exercise (4).
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