How to Hide Man Boobs Quickly and Boost Up Your Self-Esteem Now
August 2, 2012 Living with gynecomastia

Are you afraid to attend a party tonight simply because you do not know how to hide man boobs or gynecomastia? Getting rid of man boobs is everyone dreams or ultimate goals but you need to allocate time whether to go for surgery or losing fat methods. If you need to improve your body appearance fast, hide your man breasts is your best ways or choices.

In order to achieve your objective, you need to learn how to choose the right clothes to hide moobs successfully. Below are the effective tips you can use immediately to boost up your confidence level and at least one of tips is guaranteed to sculpt your body virtually overnight.


Always remember to test any clothes that you intend to buy to ensure it can conceal your boobs. Remember, there is no definite size that can achieve your objective.

2)Printed shirts
It is important to wear printed shirts particularly on chest area as it can help to detract from the shape of your chest from been too obvious.

3)Pockets over the chest
Try to get shirts with pockets over the chest as they are good in detraction of your boobs.

4)Vertical stripes
If you know the tricks of illusion, you can implement your knowledge in your clothing too. When you wear your tops and shirts with vertical stripes, people tends to follow the stripe downwards and consequently judge you as a slim person.

5) Sleeve shirts
Forget your favorite short sleeve high neck t-shirt as it will highlight your chest area. Try to wear long sleeved button up shirts as they looks more baggy on your pectoral area.

6)Vertical layers.
Learn to add more vertical stuffs on your clothing like a jacket or a shirt with zip as this zip add illusion of you been slim.

Choose darker colors like deep browns, dark grays, blacks, and even dark colored blues for better camouflage as it tends to make you look thinner and your chest less puffy. It is also does not reveal so much of your body shape when you are sweating.

Shirts with buttons on the chest area will stress more on your boobs. Therefore, stay away from these. However, button up long sleeved shirts are better option since these kinds of shirts are tailored to being able to move they are usually baggy on the pectoral region.

If you have puffy nipples only, you can simply strap a bandage over them to the side of your pecs and they will look absolutely normal when wearing t-shirts.

9)Loose clothing
When you wear loose clothing, they do not show up your chest area. Sweaters are the perfect concealer. This is what you should wear during winter season. Alternatively, you can wear an open shirt over other clothes which can help to cover up your chest.

10)Thicker material
In summer, try to wear thicker fabric like fannel instead of light or thinner fabric even though it is challenging to wear them during hot weather. Examples, Polo’s and sweatshirts do stick to your body, which made you more comfortable and do not reveal your boobs. Alternatively, you can look for stiffer clothes which can flatten your chest area and you will look slimmer with strong pectoral muscle.

11)Support garments
This is the most important tips and could be your life saver. You should wear compression vests underneath your shirts which will effectively flatten your chest and make you look more muscular. Your garment should be comfortable not so tight that make you feels constrictive. It also helps to minimize bouncing and stabilize tissue while performing losing weight activities.

When you decide to buy compression vests, make sure they have the following features in order to obtain the best benefits out of it
-18 and 22 mmHg (mercury milligrams of pressure)
-microfiber or nylon spandex material
-moisture wicking technology
-SPF 50 rating for UV protection
-can bind your chest, flatten your belly and pressing against your back in support
-always get 2-3 sizes smaller than your current size
-maximum breathability
-invisible under clothing

If you still doubt of the effectiveness of this compression vest, read the following customers’ reviews
i) This compression vest able to hold in the extra skin from weight loss and distribute the leftover fat on my chest to look more natural. I can wear smaller shirts now
ii) My chest is usually HUGE, wearing this, it almost completely VANISHES. I’d say it gave the illusion of reducing my unwanted excess chest mass by about 75%.
iii) Now, I do not have to wear baggy t-shirts and heavy clothing to cover up
iv) I can turn C-cups into a flat chest
v) It feels like a second skin and as opposed to hot, nasty cotton.

However, there are some disadvantages that you have to take note
i) It felt like it could get hot should the weather be warm during summer
ii) It can roll up on you but by tucking it into your pants, it helps to stop this.
iii) You have to wash it often as it can cause sweating after a few hours of wearing it
iv) Cannot be machine washed
vi) Do not wear this when performing any gym activities like squatting or bending down as it does ride up

However, the benefits of having compression vest are much more than the disadvantages. Therefore, you should really consider of getting one for yourself. Click the following link to see for yourself.

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All the above tips are simply temporary measure, as you need to find ways to get rid of man boobs permanently. If your moobs are due to excessive glandular tissue, surgery always is the best choice. Otherwise, click the following link to find natural ways to lose man boobs today and you do not need to hide man breasts any more.

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