How much does gynecomastia surgery cost today?
June 14, 2012 Gynecomastia surgery

More than 20,000 people in United States have asked “how much does gynecomastia surgery cost” last year and have successfully undergone the procedure. Well, this is normal as every surgery is very costly and not many people can afford to pay from their own pocket. Here, we will explore types of surgery and all costs incurred from pre-surgery, post-surgery and any hidden costs that you may not have thought off.

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There are many factors affecting the male breast reduction cost. Below are the main aspects that you need to consider

i)condition of the problem,
Is it a new surgery or revision surgery with bad scar from previous surgeon?

ii)how to fix it
This is depending on the size of the breasts. Below are some common techniques been use
a. Periaureolar (for mild to moderate size of breasts) – Cut around the nipple
b. Classical breast reduction (for larger-sized breasts) – with larger cut and inverted scar
c. Vertical breast reduction (for very large breasts) – with larger cut and vertical scar

iii)location of the surgeons and facilities
There is big gap of surgeon and facilities fees between big cities and less populated cities. Likewise, different regions or continents can play an important factor in the pricing. Example, you can expect cheaper surgery cost when perform it in Asia region.

iv)clinic or hospital
It is much cheaper if the procedure is done in a private clinic compare with private hospital. However, if the hospital is supported by the government, then the cost will be much lower.
Some time cheap surgery offered by clinics can cause major disasters. Generally, you will feel more confident when it is performed in an established hospital as most of the time they are better equipped and can give a faster response for any untoward eventuality.

v) expertise
Highly experienced surgeons may ask for higher surgeon fees.

Types of surgery

1.    Liposuction
This method is best used for removing extra fat from the chest, particularly for pseudo-gynecomastia (man boobs) case. This kind of man boobs surgery cost is much cheaper, within the range of $3000 till $6000 but again, it is depending on the location of the surgery is been performed.

how much is gynecomastia surgery cost_liposuction

2.    Excision
Excision is necessary for true gynecomastia, as the doctor need to remove off excessive glandular tissues. The cost is much higher as this required more cut and more risk.

3.    Combination of liposuction and excision
If you are overweight gynecomastia patient with excessive fat, combination of liposuction and excision are the best approach to go for. Below are result from the above procedure.

Pre-surgery cost
1.    Surgeons fee is amount charged by the surgeon for performing the surgery.
2.    Facility fee is the charge for using the hospital operation theatre or outpatient surgical center for the surgery.
3.    Anesthesia fee which includes general anesthesia used throughout the procedure, about $2,000.

Post-surgery cost
The following are the costs you have to bear during your recovery stage after your surgery.
1.    Scarring cost
You may have heard some awfulness stories that some patients have bad scars after the surgery which are not reversible. However, this could be avoided if the patients have been careful in screening through the past records of the surgeon to minimize this mistake. Otherwise, you may just have normal scar but want to get some scar reduction cream to conceal the scar from public if your job requires you to expose your chests to the public.

2.    Recurrence cost
No surgeons can guarantee permanent result as in cases there are relapse due to hormone imbalance or unhealthy lifestyle. You may need another surgery.

3.    Recovery period cost
It is estimated your surgery wound needs 4 to 8 weeks to recover. During this period of time, you are not allowed to do any heavy lifting and exercise. If your job requires you to do these activities, you have to stop working or temporarily ask for other jobs. Here, you have to factor in this hidden cost in your cost estimation.

4.    Additional medicines costs
In some rare cases, patients may get infection. This requires additional medicines like antibiotics or painkillers.

5.    Compression garments
Compression garments are compulsory to wear after the surgery as they help to support your new chests and for faster healing of your wound.

6.    Revision
In some cases of gynecomastia surgery, revision (liposuction and excision) is required as imbalance of the chest sizes (asymmetry) ie. one of the chests is not flat enough.

If you are short of money for surgery, you may want to look for alternative funding for it. Below are some options that you can consider for
1.    NHS
If you are looking for your NHS for help, click gynecomastia surgery nhs for more details of help.

2.    Insurance
Most insurance companies do not cover for this kind of surgery as it is classified as cosmetic surgery. However, you should try to apply it by getting your doctor to prove your case is a necessity and not cosmetic surgery to your insurance company. Alternatively, you can consult a psychiatric to help prove that your boobs have cause immerse depression in your life. May be you have lady luck to get your application approved.

3.    Financing
Some clinics in UK offer loan facilities for some qualified patients through “buy now pay later” scheme. The amount of loans range from GBP2000 till GBP5000.

Gynecomastia surgery prices by location

1.    USA
In United States, average cost of gyno surgery done by a board certified plastic surgeon is over $5000. Surgeon’s fee alone cost more than $3,400 according to the according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

In big cities, such as New York, Washington, Los Angeles, you can expect a higher cost for this kind of procedure. Lower fees are expected in cities, like Dallas, Houstan, San Diego. Experienced top surgeons as listed below can charge even higher fees.

New York
Dr. Mordcai Blau – $7,600
Dr. Elliot Jacobs – $7,000

Dr. Don Fontana – $8,000

Dr. Miguel Delgado – $8,000

Dr. Wilcox (experiences : more than 120 procedures/year) – $5,000

Dr. Wilberto Cortes – $4000

2.    UK
If you are going to perform this surgery in UK, the cost starts from GBP 4,000. Liposuction is priced at GBP4500 upwards while excision is priced at GBP5400 upwards. (Example of top surgeon in England, Dr. Karidis, charges GBP 4300 upwards)

3.    Canada
One advantage of Canadians is their provincial healthcare covers the cost of excision (from hospital surgery room cost, anesthesiologist, nurses, bed till medicines cost) except in Quebec province. However, there is no coverage for using liposuction method as it is treated as cosmetic procedure.
You can expect gyno surgery cost from $1000 till $7000. (Example of top plastic surgeons, Dr.Fielding and Dr.Lista. You can judge by yourself their experiences as they perform 100 to 150 gyno surgeries annually.
Tips : It is cheaper with Dr Fielding as he performs the surgery in a hospital covered by provincial healthcare while Dr Lista performed it as his private clinic costs more than $5000)

4.    Australia
It is also not cheap to perform this kind of surgery in Australia, at least AUD5,000 which includes surgeon fee, assistant surgeons fee, anaesthetist fee, hospital, operating theatre and subsequent follow up visits cost. If the hospital does receive any subsidies from any private fund, you may need to fork out additional AUD 3,000.
Tips : Check with your medicare or health insurance agents for some refund of your payment. Always look for surgeons who are members of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons in order to ensure quality results.

5.    India
Normally, price of gynecomastia surgery in Asian countriesis much lower such as in India, the cost of this procedure starts from USD 1700 but it is still depending on the hospital or clinic and the city you select to get the procedure done.
Example, a procedure done in Mumbai will cost you as below
a)    Medical tests. USD45
b)    Compression vest USD45
c)    Hospital cost including doctors fees USD550 till USD1000.
d)    5 day medicine package.USD20.

6.    Czech Republic
Currently, there is a trend to get the surgery done in Czech Republic as it is much cheaper, as lower as GBP1,709

For every surgery, there are risks involved, particularly in bleeding and infection. Always look for experienced surgeons in performing gynecomastia surgery as this kind of surgery requires consistent and careful techniques to perform. You do not want to go for cheaper surgery but end up with unbalanced chest or the surgeon may remove too much or too little. If you are risk adverse persons, still worrying on “how much does gynecomastia surgery cost” or simply want to look for alternative solution, click the following link to find out.


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