Gynecomastia NHS Helpful Tips
March 30, 2012 Gynecomastia surgery

Gynecomastia NHS

Gynecomastia surgery on NHS or gynecomastia nhs is what most gynecomastia patients would like have when the cost of surgery is a burden to them. Majority of patients would like to choose surgery as it is the fastest and most effective solution to their most embarrassing problem. However, the final call is still up to your doctor or GP as he/she may want to try with weight loss or medication to adjust the hormone level first.

gynecomastia nhs

gynecomastia nhs

In true gynecomastia, breast enlargement is caused by excessive of glandular tissue. However, there is so called pseudogynecomastia, which is due to fat accumulation at the breasts. It is also possible to have mixed gynecomastia, with excessive glandular tissue and fat deposit.

There are 2 main possible causes of gynecomastia.
1. Physiologic gynecomastia
Happened due to hormonal change (increased ratio of hormone estrogen/androgen) in pubertal or senior adults.

2. Pathological gynecomastia
Imbalance of hormone estrogen/androgen due to diseases related to tumors, chronic disease, chromosomal abnormalities, familial disorders and others.

Man breast reduction surgery involves removing the abnormal breast tissue and surrounding tissue so that the breast can has a more normal man breast look. Some of the patients may be required to remove fat tissue and skin reduction in order to return the breast to normal shape.

Normally, Gynecomastia NHS UK will not fund for male breasts reduction surgery as they always treat this kind of surgery as aesthetic. However, if you can prove that your request for this surgery is for medical reason, you might be able to get your fund application approved.

Below are some of the minimum criteria that you must meet before applying for the fund

Gynecomastia NHS application tips

1. Has reached post pubertal
2. Has consistently maintained a normal BMI (between 18.5 and 24.9 kg/m2) for minimum period of two years
3. Not taking any prescription drugs or sport performance-enhancing drugs that can induce gynecomastia. It is possible for anti-ulcer drugs or medication for heart disease to cause man boobs. Sport performance-enhancing drugs like anabolic steroids and illegal drugs like cannabis can cause moobs too.
4. No physical underlying problems (non-pathological gynecomastia) like breast cancer, testicular cancer, kidney failure, endocrine or liver disorders
5. There are psychological issues with image
6. Significant reduction of breasts is required (greater than 100g per side) or having asymmetry size
7. Supporting documents from a NHS consultant plastic surgeon and psychiatrist to request for funding as you want to prove it to NHS that your mental health has been severely affected by your man breasts condition.

Take note, applicant should do necessary screening for any endocrinological, cancer and drug related causes or psychological distress occurs prior to consultation with a plastic surgeon. One drawback of applying for male breasts reduction under NHS program is it may take years as they will put you under waiting list. The common treatment plan under NHS funding program (if it is approved) is liposuction.

Gynecomastia NHS alternatives

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