How to get rid of man breasts for teenagers or kids naturally at home
October 8, 2011 get rid of man breasts

How to get rid of man breasts for teenagers?

Teenagers are often concern on breast enlargement as this affects their body image and sense of insecurity but this phenomenon is common among boys (about 30%) during puberty period. They will feel tender or pain with their nipples. However, the good news is majority of them will disappear on their own, average 6 till 12 months.

Can these kids live and adapt with these man breasts during their puberty period?
Kids with man breasts are prone to emotional and psychological issues especially when they try to mix with other normal boys. They will try avoiding public swimming or beaches as they afraid to take off their shirts.

Let us look into a research done in this. The researchers had categorized teenagers with man breasts into 4 groups.

Group         Group Category
A                    Have some symptoms of breasts but not obvious and not overweight
B                     Breasts continue to enlarge and are obvious
C                     With breast and overweight
D                     With breast like and muscles

In group A, doctors will advise them to wait and provide no treatment. Only about a quarter of them are worries on carrying these boobs but do not change their daily activities. Since their busts are not obvious, no pressure from their peers.

Group B received a lot of pressure from the society on their body image. When you hear such jeering, “Go to the girl’s gym”, “Don’t you want to wear bra?”, you will know how intense is the pressure. This caused them to withdraw from the society, including their parents and closed family members. Some may even thought of committing suicide.

Kids in group C were briefed on their obesity, thus required them to reduce weigh. They were quite relaxed and obeyed to change of lifestyle in order to reduce their weigh.

Similarly, teenagers in group D had no anxiety since they were looked more masculine with plenty of muscle. After been advised the cause of breasts were due to excessive exercise, they abide to reduce workouts activities.

What are the causes of man boobs?
1) Imbalance of sex hormones
In early stages of puberty, the ratio of estrogen hormone to androgen hormone is fairly high which caused temporary swelling of tissue around nipples or man boobs. They disappear on their own in a few years at most once hormones stabilize into adulthood. However, if the hormonal imbalance continues, it will create glandular tissue on your chest. There is no solution for glandular tissue, except surgery.

how to get rid of man breasts for teenagers

2) Klinefelter’s syndrome
If the breast enlargement does not go away after some time, it could be due to this genetic disorder called Klinefelter’s syndrome. These kids with Klinefelter’s syndrome have an extra sex chromosome, XXY instead of the usual kids’ arrangement, XY. The probably of getting this syndrome is 1 in 1,000 male births. Click Klinefelter’s syndrome for more info.

3) Overweight
If you are overweight, male breasts could be resulted from fat deposit or pseudogynecomastia. Click here to learn more on how to detect pseudogynecomastia.  Concentrate on losing weight by practicing regular exercise and low fat diet can eventually lose you man boobs.

Liver problem or cirrhosis can cause man boobs as it cannot help the body to metabolize estrogen effectively. This will cause high level of estrogen hormone in blood stream.

5) Steriod
These days, you can see a lot of teenagers involve in muscle building or bodybuilding. Some of them want to get faster result, have resorted for steroid. It leaves side-effect of gynecomastia.

Certain medication like anti-depressants can cause man boobs. Abusive use of drugs like heroin, marijuana can also leads to man breasts.

7) Tumors
Testicular tumors can lead to increased blood estrogen levels. This excess of hormone estrogen will cause of imbalance of hormone which eventually leads to man breasts.

How to get rid of man breasts for teenagers?

Before you can start work on these get rid of man boobs remedies, you need to ensure that your man breasts are not caused by any underlying medical conditions. Thus, you need to check with your doctor first to know the root cause of your problem.

Chest exercises for man boobs

1. Exercises or workouts
Exercise is always the best and natural approach. It also can help to improve your hormonal balance. You need combination of both cardio (track) and weight (strength training) in order to get optimum result. Get your heart rate up for 30 minutes every day.

Below are some of the best exercises (particularly upper chest exercises) that will help to get rid of them.

a)Chest flys
Firstly, select a dumbbell comfortable weight. Then, lie down on a bench with a dumbbell in each hand; slowly move the dumbbells together till they touch each other. You have to do this in 3 sets of 8.

b)Push-ups with dumbbells
Continuation from part a) do your push-ups. This exercise will be isolating the chest muscles and can be done in 3 sets of 8.

dumbbell pushup

c)Incline bench press

d)military press

e)bicept curls

Some of these cardio workouts like jogging, bicycling, brisk walk, swimming can help to lose man boobs. If you want more serious training, go for 20 minutes of high intensity interval training (sprint one minute, walk or jog three minutes, repeat). Do this routine 2-3 times per week only.

2) Change your diet
You should stop eating fatty foods. Eat more vegetables and lean protein like egg whites, chicken, salmon. Cut out carbs and desserts and all that crap. Consider taking fish oil for super healthy fats. Also reduce intake of foods which contain high phytoestrogen. Below is a list of food with high phytoestrogen contents.

3) Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)
If the teenager’s man breast is caused by genetic disorder such as Klinefelter syndrome, then he may be subjected to testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) by his doctor. This kind treatment could be in injections, gels and scrotal cream form. The doctor will monitor his gonadotropin hormone levels during the treatment period. (Klinefelter syndrome causes pituitary glands to produce too much of the gonadotropin)

4)Breast binder
Using breast binder or vest to flatten the kid’s breast is good idea while waiting for the body to response to any treatment. This can help to reduce any emotional and psychological problem faced by the kid.

Surgery should be the last resort if the body does not response to any of the above mentioned remedies or treatment. Usually, doctor will not consider teenager for surgery (mastectomy) until he has finished puberty. This is the reason.

“The AMA discourages the promotion of cosmetic surgery, being particularly mindful that advertising and other promotions which appeal to youth encourages people to consider cosmetic surgery as an easy solution to personal issues including body image dissatisfaction.” – Australian  Medical Association, Body Image and Health, 2002.

The objective of the surgery is to remove off the glandular tissue from the breast. If there is excessive fat, liposuction method will be used. You may have to undergo skin removal if the breast is too large.

In addition to the above mentioned remedies or treatments, these teenagers must be supplement psychotherapy and group counseling to boost up their self-esteem level. As a parent, it is normal to worry and should consistently find ways on how to get rid of man breasts for teenagers. Click here man boobs help.

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