Lavender Oils, Tea Tree Oils and gynecomastia
June 19, 2008 Causes of man boobs or gynecomastia

<<em>p style=”text-align: left;”>“Lavender and Tea Tree Oils contribute to pre-pubertal gynecomastia”

There are researches show usage of lavender and tea tree oils can cause gynecomastia or man boobs problem to young boys. A 4 years boy was brought to a doctor attention on increased of breast size about 2.5cm. The patient’s mother reported that she frequently applied lavender oil to his skin. The gynecomastia problem resolved 4 months after the mother stopped applying lavender oil to his son.

Another case, a 10 years boy used hair gel and shampoo daily which contained lavender oil and tea tree. He complained on having tender breast buds, measuring 3.5 cm width and length. After 9 months of discontinuation of the product, the gynecomastia resolved.

These two types of oils have anti-androgenic properties as it inhibits the production of male hormone. This causes more female hormone than male hormone in the body which subsequently causing gynecomastia. In addition, young boys have more delicate skin which increases the absorption of these essential oils into their body.

Therefore, all parents should take note when applying balm, ointment or any lotions to young boys. They should ensure there is no ingredient with lavender oils or tea tree oils in the products. Highlight this to their kids also, to prevent them from using the products.

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