About Us

Man Boobs Help is a blog aimed at helping any male with man boobs, moobs, gynecomastia or gynaecomastia problem. Man boobs affects 1 in 3 men. It is one of the   most embarrassing conditions which really hurt his self-esteem.

Most men are too shy to check his condition with his doctor and often quietly search for solutions from internet, books and magazines. Due to desperation to get rid of man boobs, men often try all products claimed to solve their problem without finding the root cause and any future consequences of using the solutions. Occasionally, this can lead to more complications.
In this website, you can find

a)causes of man boobs
As I have mentioned earlier, the root cause of man boobs is important before jump into any treatment. Here, you some learn techniques on how to self-examine prior to visiting your doctor.

b)treatments of man boobs
As there are plenty of treatments available in the market, we want you to know which one are goods and which are bad for your health. You can choose conventional treatment or you simply prefer natural or alternative treatment. You may also want to know the cost of these treatments as not many can afford this treatment, particularly if you are a teenager who yet to earn any income.

c)living with man boobs
If you are not resorting for any treatments or waiting for the boobs to disappear, you still need to find temporary solution in order live with your daily life. You may want to attend some public function or swimming in a public beach or pool, these temporary solutions are very important.

d)lastest news on man boobs
Lastly, we also want to update you with the latest news on how to get rid of man breasts.

We hope you will enjoy this website. If you have any comments or suggestion, do not hesitate to email it to use at We will try to include your good suggestion in our website to help other man boobs sufferers.